Vitality, resolution, and an unmistakable touch of flair: Tonino Lamborghini Luxury beverages are a faithful expression of the values that drives the everyday life of the
‘Charging Bull’.

Unleash Your Inner Power

Tonino Lamborghini Energy Drinks represent an invitation to embrace life’s challenges with steadfast effort and unmistakable style: a carbonated elixir where every bubble is infused with the spirit and values that have defined our brand for generations, boosting the energy and confidence of those who want to tackle their goals with unshakable determination. When sipping our Energy Drinks, staying refreshed and recharged seamlessly blends in a unique flavor that is synonymous with Italian excellence: the perfect way to indulge in the effervescence of life while relishing a balanced taste that brings a boost of delight and vitality – ensuring you stay awake, aler and at your peak performance throughout the day.


To proudly bear the name of Tonino Lamborghini, and the charging bull that symbolizes the pulsating vitality of our very nature, our Luxury Beverages undergo a rigorous journey of refinement which mirrors our ceaseless pursuit of excellence: a strict and meticulous process that results in a portfolio of beverages that tantalize the palate and capture the very essence of Italian heritage and sophistication.


Each sip of Tonino Lamborghini spirits carries the essence of Italian passion and craftsmanship, creating a compelling symphony of flavors and aromas strictly made in Italy with an unwavering commitment to excellence: a premium range of high-alcoholic beverages whose ingredients are painstakingly sourced to ensure utmost authenticity and taste.

Through a production process that combines age-old traditions with cutting-edge techniques, our spirits embody the pinnacle of Italian artistry and dedication to the pleasures of life – the perfect choice for a discerning international clientele aiming for unparalleled quality to cherish a special occasion or unwind in a moment of relax.

Energy Drink improves concentration and physical performance. Available also in a Sugar Free version, with only 5 calories for 250 ML.

Revitalize Your Energy

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